Eyeliner Designs That Will Suit Your Personality

Historically, makeup, especially eyeliner, has been widely worn for many reasons. In some cases, it was considered protective, though in other cases, it was thought of as a reflection of current trends or a status symbol. While there have been many reasons to wear makeup in the past, there was always an element of personal style and individuality. Today, most of us choose makeup that reflects our personality as well as the occasion.

One of the most dramatic examples of makeup reflecting personality is the HBO show Euphoria, where every character goes through a series of stunning, elaborate makeup looks. Even if you don’t have time for elaborate eyeshadow and crystals, you can still put a bit of extra flair and personality into your eyeliner.

Follow the Lash-line for a Casual, Easy Look

Are you the type of person who likes to do the bare minimum when it comes to makeup? Or maybe you just prefer to spend an extra fifteen minutes in bed instead of doing your makeup before work? Whatever the case, the smooth or everyday look is for you.

This look is simple and easy to achieve, requiring just a little bit of eyeliner across the top lid- simply trace above your lash line. consists of a smooth, single line across the upper lid. You can also emphasize your lower lid with a pencil liner by following your lower lash line.

For this look, you have a few options when it comes to color. Since this look is designed to blend in, you’ll want something that compliments your eye color and your skin tone. For instance, if your skin is naturally darker, do with black or dark brown. If you have lighter skin, a lighter brown will be better suited.

If you want to get a little more adventurous with this look, try a color that brings out your eyes. Brown eyes, for example, look great with maroon or mahogany shades. You can use the same color on both your upper and lower lashes, or you can choose to emphasize your upper lid and use something more subtle to highlight your lower lid.

Overall, this look is simple and easy to achieve but still allows you to play with colors and have a bit of fun if you are feeling adventurous.

The Classic for the Traditionalist

If you live for the classics and worship Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, the classical look is probably already your go-to. This look involves following your upper lash line with liquid eyeliner and ending with a wing. The look takes a bit of practice to achieve, but it will definitely be worth the effort!

You can pair this look with muted eyeshadow for a workday or brilliant pigments for a nighttime look. While the look is traditionally done with black eyeliner, you can add flare with various colors. The idea is to pick a contrasting color to achieve the sultry look. If you happen to have skin that is very dark, consider using a bright color such as white, teal, or yellow. Alternatively, you can pair the look with bright color eyeshadow to create a contrast. If you have light skin, you can go with classic black, brown, midnight blue, or even green.

The Thick Wing for the Drama Lover

The thick wing is dramatic and daring. Whether you love being the center of attention or want to look extra special on your night out, this look is for you! The thick wing involved drawing a curved wing on the outer corner of your eye. Start at the inner part of the upper eyelid and continue outward. If you want the perfect wing, you can place a bit of tape at the outer corner of your eye and make the wing as long as you like. Once you remove the tape, you’ll have a wonderfully straight line.

If you’re not a fan of the wing, you can keep it to a minimum and simply create a very full lash line. This line will emphasize your upper lid making this the perfect bold look. You can take the look a step further by going with a bold eyeliner color or make things a little more subtle by going with a color that compliments your skin tone. The colors will vary depending on your eye color and skin tone, and undertone. If your skin is fair or brown, any dark shade will make your eyes stand out while brown and gold will bring a more subtle hint of color. Meanwhile, if your skin is particularly dark, you can try white, yellow, or teal to achieve the same effect while opting for darker colors for a more muted touch.

Tiger Eye for the Creative

If you want your makeup to reflect your unique artistic style, there are plenty of looks that you can create on your own. In a pinch, however, you can go for the tiger eye. This look begins by extending outward in a wing style, but you also want to add a line that runs from the upper lid towards your nose. You can add even more to the look by adding a thick line to your lower lid. The end result is a feline eye that can be emphasized with green eyeshadow. If your eyes are naturally green, you can use a plum or lavender liner, depending on your skin tone, over the black, to add emphasis.

You can enhance the look by adding silver, gold, or even glitter for extra dramatic flair. The look is yours to embellish as you wish. Again, depending on your skin tone, you can use black or white liner to achieve the look.

While you may find yourself relating to a particular style there’s nothing wrong with picking several and varying them depending on your mood or the occasion. There are also plenty of related styles that can be accomplished with a bit of practice and research. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


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