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Rock Painting Ideas for Halloween That Every Mom Will Approve

Halloween is the most exciting time for the children. It involves fun costumes, beautiful weather, exciting d├ęcor, and of course tons of candy! People tend to so something extra and fun everywhere. Halloween rock painting is great for all ages, you can involve your whole family in it. You can use it


Animal Sketches And Illustrations by Therese Larsson

Therese Larsson is a talented artist, illustrator, Her animal sketches on are really inspiring drawings. Here we want to share these stunning animal graphics with everyone. Don’t forget to like and share them aswell!


Unusual Toy Art: Puppetry Sculpture Faces

Freya Jobbins has developed an unusual toy art by creating interesting puppetry sculpture faces with the barbie doll and scrap toy parts, she had an inspiration from other artists work such as Gunther Von Hagen, Toy Story Trilogy and Italian artist Giuseppe Archimboldo fruit and vegetable paintings influenced these provocative creations. Freya Jobbins  said:  “My


50 Truly Extraordinary Digital Art Paintings

It is always so fascinating to see Digital Artworks of brilliant artist with tools such as Photoshop. Hyper-Realistic Digital Paintings created in Photoshop are so popular but not as simple to create, it takes so much time and really creative thinking to draw a sketch in these tools that is technically more


Inspiration: Creative Detailed Ink Work by Nico Delort

Nic0 Delort is a Freelance illustrator from Paris, France. He is Officially Represented by Shannon Associates. Most of his illustrations are very interesting and quite surrealistic and most detailed. Almost every Ink and Scratchboard has its own object in the paintings, which gets a combination of a perfect composition. In this article


Awesome Digital Circlism Artwork by Ben Heine

Digital Circlism is the new invention of Art Work by Ben Heine, mixed between Pop Art and Pointillism as defined by him, a unique and creative artwork produced with digital tools such as photoshop…. To create, portraits of famous celebrities or self portraits need to be focused majorly as thousands of circles