20+ Cute Small Flower Tattoo Ideas for Females

Flower tattoo symbolize happiness, love and abundance, flower tattoos represents fortune and prosperity. Few flowers also symbolizes hospitality, while other flower tattoos symbolize joyfulness, beauty, purity, good positive vibes.

In modern world small tattoos are gaining so much popularity since they’re much more affordable compared to intricate pieces plus they look cute and adorable on your body. There is one more benefit of having small tattoo that is small tattoos are also much easier to hide away and conceal, in case you have to attend a formal event, meeting or if your work requires you to hide it.

The flower is a timeless design that no one ever gets sick of. Every floral design out there has its own set of importance and uniqueness. The flower design has been versatile and popular design among men and women both.

The best thing about choosing cute small flower tattoos are they can stand either alone or in combination to any other pattern. You can also have small graphic symbols as a potential design as well along small flower tattoos.

A small floral tattoo is mostly preferred by females as it look extremely beautiful and highlights their feminine side. Having said that flowers are referred as feminine taste representation which is been reflected by which flower, color and location she chooses.

You can pick whatever type of flower you want – Either a colored or a black one. Various flowers represents various meanings, here is a list of few of them:

  • Red flower symbolize a burning passion.
  • White flower design symbolizes purity.
  • Yellow flower can stand for jealousy.
  • Violet rose symbolize someone is shy and timid.
  • Purple rose symbolize love at first sight.
  • Orange rose represents fascination and excitement.
  • Lotus flower stands for absolute truth and purity.
  • Cherry blossom is a symbol of feminine strength and love.
  • Lilly tattoos are a symbol of partnership, representing long lasting relationships.

All cute small flower tattoos will look amazing if placed on right place so the best placements would be the ankle, shoulder, as well as the wrist. Many tattoo artists suggest on girl’s beauty bone which enhances the beauty of tattoo as well as makes your body more alluring.

According to location we have listed below few ideas of cute small flower tattoos, please have a look.

Flower Ankle Tattoo Designs

Small lotus flower and rose is best option for placement on ankle. In Hinduism lotus flower represents spiritual reality of life.

Flower Tattoos on Arm

Cute small tattoos on arms are preferred by all irrespective of age or gender.

Cute Flower Tattoo Design on Wrist

Cute small wrist tattoos are popular among women. This area is a pretty painful place to get inked, but girls can get a lot of inspiring flower tattoo patterns there i.e. floral band.

Flower Tattoo on Collarbone

Small flower collar bone tattoos show off your personality, it is certainly a unique place to get inked.

Flower Tattoo Ideas on Finger

Small flower tattoos on fingers are sexy, cute and fun. It is preferred mostly by teenage girls.

Flower Tattoos on Ribcage

Flowers Tattoo on Hip

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