10+ Impressive Ideas Of Halloween Fireplace Decor

Halloween is right around the corner. It is high time to dust off your Halloween décor and start planning to celebrate on full swing. For those of you who are lucky to own a fireplace can give a new spirit to the celebration.

The best part of decorating your fireplace is that it is generally located in the centre of the room. Therefore, it helps to lift up the whole room. Here are some of the ideas that will help you to impress your guests this Halloween.

Use candles, a lot of them

Candles are usually a sign of romance and warmth. However, if used in the right way, you can use them on your fireplace. You can arrange them in a creepy candle stands casting spooky shadows on your walls. The tips to create this idea is to use different candles of varying sizes.

Lazy witch legs

witch legs fireplace decor ideas

It is far more comical than spooky to hang in witch legs inside of your fireplace. It is up to you how realistic you can make it. You can create this look by using household items and some stationary. It is best for people looking for some activity with their children and involving them.

Go black and white

halloween fireplace mantel decoration ideas for home

If you are a minimalist and tend to have a white interior then it is best for you to go for a black and white theme. You can use black silhouette of creepy insects on your fireplace. Also, you can get an artificial web from a décor shop.

Use rustic mirrors

fireplace mantel mirror decoration ideas

Many people have a mirror over their fireplace to give their room a bigger look. Invest in a mirror with a rustic border. This will look great with any type of a theme you are going for. This is best for people who are willing to keep everything subtle. You can use this in the upcoming holidays as well.

Replace logs with pumpkins

Swap the logs in your fireplace with rustic and old pumpkins. It is a perfect décor idea for people who are not willing to spend cost effectively on Halloween.

Celebrate the colors of the fall

halloween fireplace decor ideas

Use orange, black, and white drapes over your fireplace. You can also hang paper bats and other paper insects to complete this look.

Spooky fireplace idea for a movie buff

the nightmare before christmas decoration ideas for fireplace

Using black and white paintings is a great idea to recreate your fireplace. You can keep a pitch fork on the side of the mantle. If you are willing to go in deep then you can recreate a story a scary scene from a horror movie.

Use other than the traditional colors

If you are willing to do something different, then the best way is to experiment with the colors. You can use a hint of green just to take your Halloween décor game a couple of notches up.

DIY leaves

farmhouse mantel decoration ideas for fall

Make use of the fall season and go out for a rustic leaf hunt. You can use the whole stalk or use some of the leaves as part of your décor.

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