Rock Painting Ideas for Halloween That Every Mom Will Approve

Halloween is the most exciting time for the children. It involves fun costumes, beautiful weather, exciting décor, and of course tons of candy! People tend to so something extra and fun everywhere. Halloween rock painting is great for all ages, you can involve your whole family in it. You can use it as an ornamental in the house or you can give it to trick or treaters.

Here are some of the rock painting inspirations that you can try this year.

Ghost family

If you want it to be a family thing then it would be great if you make your very own ghost family. All you have to do is to take a tour to your garden to collect some pebbles, get some paint, and dust off your painting skills.

You can customize it according to your own family and use it as a décor. You can use it as a souvenir for the years to come.


There is always something very ominous about the silhouettes. It is probably the mystery of the things that makes it scary. You can make use of any image and paint its silhouette. Give the background a bright color in order to make the image more enhanced.

Make it rain candy!

If you ever ask anyone what is the best thing about Halloween is they will definitely say it’s the unlimited access to the candy. You can use the rocks to make the delicious and colorful candy and use it as your one of your décor items. It is an absolutely unique rock painting idea.

Celebrate ‘Fall’

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year and many people would agree as well. It also comprehends with Halloween. It would be a great idea if you use the essence of the season and paint it on the rocks. This is perfect not only for Halloween but for the whole season.

The Jack-o-Lantern!

The Jack-o-Lantern is an absolutely unique rock painting idea for people who are looking for ideas more festive. It is a creative and a fun activity to do with the kids. You can also customize it by giving them different moods.

The night thriller

Creating an absolute crazy monster theme is a great Halloween rock painting idea. All your family members can choose their very own monster. Use the distorted shape of the rock and use it to make crazy and deformed heads. You can be creative about it and make your very own bunch of assorted monster rocks.


There is no Halloween party without witches. They are creepy and holds crazy personalities. You can use the lazy witch legs on your rocks if you feel that your rock is too small to create the whole body of the witch. Give a rock a plain canvas by giving a one color coat to the rock. If you are not very sure about your drawing then feel free to use a pencil to draw. Paint the rest using a small brush to avoid fill in the lines.

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