20 Strawberry Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Strawberries, the most loved fruit by more than half of the world! Everything about a strawberry makes it loveable. The sweetness, the luscious red color and the smell all combined together, makes people always choose strawberries over the others.

There are many areas where strawberries or strawberry flavor is preferred, for example fragrances and desserts and milkshakes, but some like to take their love for strawberries to another level by exploring the unique and beautiful strawberry tattoo ideas.

When you’re thinking strawberry tattoo designs, there are lots of images that can pop up in your mind about getting this red romantic fruit inked on your body. Strawberry tattoo is also becoming a popular choice among woman these days because they feel that they are expressing themselves at some level through a strawberry tattoo.

But before you get to that, allow us to tell you about a special strawberry tattoo meaning and what inspires people to get a strawberry tat on their body. Keep reading below to find out.

Love and Strawberry

The connection between strawberry tattoo designs and love goes a long way back. Maybe because strawberries are red and red is also the universally accepted color of love or the fact that the shape of strawberry is very much like that of a heart.

The playful and romantic vibes can easily be achieved with a strawberry tattoo small or big on any part of the body.

For people who want to bind their love in a more passionate and artistic way, matching strawberry tattoos are perfect!

Fertility and Strawberry

Strawberries are looked upon as a feminine fruit and that is why women are large consumers of strawberries and products including strawberries. A woman might want to get a strawberry tattoo because it shows off her feminine side and shows off the romantic and cheerful traits of her personality.

Mystics and Strawberry

Strawberry tattoos are also linked to magical and mystical creatures. Many believe that strawberries are one of the favorite fruits of fairies and magical creatures living in the forests.

The association between strawberry tattoos and magical fantasy, is attracting for people who are true believers in fairytales. Women and even men in some cases like to have a strawberry tattoo inked on the body which reminds them about how the world is much more than it seems.

Now that you’ve been told about the various meanings and the imaginations behind a strawberry tattoo, let’s look at the best 20 strawberry tattoo designs and ideas which might inspire you to get one.

Strawberry Tattoo Ideas

1. Strawberry and Leaves Tattoo

strawberry tattoo with flowers and leaves

image credit

2. Strawberry Rose Tattoo

realistic strawberry with white flowers leaves and rose tattoo design

image credit

3. Strawberry Vine Tattoo

strawberry vine tattoo design

image credit

4. Strawberry Honey Bee Tattoo

strawberries vine branch with honey bees tattoo design

image credit

5. Single Juicy Strawberry Tattoo

3d strawberry tattoo design

image credit

6. Strawberry and Stars Tattoo

strawberry with outlined stars tattoo design

image credit

7. Strawberry Heart Tattoo

old school strawberry tattoo design

image credit

8. Strawberry Crystal Tattoo

strawberry crystal tattoo design on forearm

image credit

9. Strawberry Sketch Tattoo

strawberry tattoo sketch design on forearm

image credit

10. Strawberry and Red Lips n Nails Tattoo

female drawing sketch and strawberry tattoo design

image credit

11. Strawberry bitten by Red Lips Tattoo

strawberry in women mouth tattoo design

image credit

12. Strawberry Plant Back Tattoo

strawberry plant tattoo design on back

image credit

13. Realistic Fleshy Strawberry Tattoo

3d fresh strawberry tattoo design on  arm

image credit

14. Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate Tattoo

strawberry dipped in chocolate tattoo design

image credit

15. Wild colorful Strawberry Tattoo

watercolor strawberry tattoo design

image credit

16. Mouse eating a Strawberry Tattoo

mouse eating strawberry tattoo design

image credit

17. Painted Strawberry Tattoo

painted strawberry tattoo design

image credit

18. Water color Strawberry Splash Tattoo

strawberry splash tattoo design on chest for females

image credit

19. Cute Strawberry Cake Tattoo

strawberry cake tattoo design

image credit

20. Strawberry Cut in Half Tattoo

half piece strawberry tattoo design on wrist

image credit

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