25+ Awesome Script Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Tattoos are the oldest form of body art. If you’re planning to get a tattoo which is both beautiful and expressive then there is no better medium of conveying one’s ideas and desires than words. Words are the weapon which can break and make someone.

Words tattoos were very popular in the past and now they are gaining more and more popularity due to the availability of many different kinds of fonts which weren’t available in the past. Among all new fonts style, Script Font is the most popular.

Script tattoos are equally popular in both male and female populations.  Many people choose to integrate script style in their tattoos or get standalone script tattoo, the latter is more famous than the former. 
Script tattoos are bold choice. These tattoos are filled with meaning and inspirations.

You can choose many different types of inspirational quotes and sayings. The most famous choice for script tattoo is the name of your loved one or remembrance of your lost loved one. People also get script tattoos in dedication to their favorite artist and bands.

Script tattoos are large tattoos due to the large and cursive lettering of the fonts. These tattoos require large areas of the body. These tattoos are mostly popular on chest and back area, but they also look beautiful on arms and shoulders. If you’re daring and brave and have high pain tolerance, then you can get a script tattoo on your head.

This tattoo is not only brave but also unique and will give you bad boy and dangerous look. Females prefer script tattoos to look feminine, which will enhance their beauty. Although script tattoos are usually large but they can be tattooed on a smaller scale when requested.

Most women prefer to get a script tattoo on their wrist or shoulder and sometimes on the ankle. There are many different types of script lettering styles you can choose for your script tattoo. 

  • Traditional: Traditional script lettering uses thick block letters with thin lines for embellishment. It use clean and sharp lines and is usually two-toned. 
  • Calligraphy: Calligraphy lettering is an ancient style in many cultures around the world, which have been painted by hands with brushes and ink. This beautiful design of script can be used as standalone script tattoo or can be paired up with different images. 
  • Handwritten: This script lettering is used for most personal tattoos. It adds meaning and dedication in the tattoo. It is mostly used in memorial tattoos. 

While Script tattoos are mostly done as standalone tattoo, they can be paired with different images to enhance their boldness, such as some birds like owl or ravens, which are beautiful and bold birds.

Or to add some softness to your tattoo you can pair it with roses. Script tattoos are mostly done with black ink as they look striking and bold. But you can also choose colored script tattoos if you’re bored of black and white. Colored script tattoos not only look beautiful but they are also unique and unconventional. 

If you’ve made your mind to get a script tattoo then you must choose a tattoo artist which is experienced because script tattoos can become the worst tattoo of your life if not done properly. Here are some of the best script tattoos which we have chosen for you.

Beautiful Script Tattoo with Flying Raven

chest script tattoo ideas for men

image credit

Loving Family Script Tattoo

script font tattoo design on forearm

image credit

Motivating Quote with Anchor

script font quote tattoo on inner forearm

image credit

Manly Script Tattoo on Chest

chest script tattoo designs for men

image credit

Beautiful Quote on Arm

cursive script font tattoo design

image credit

Sweet Script Tattoo on Ankle

script tattoo on foot

image credit

Gorgeous Script Tattoo on Back

script quote tattoo on shoulder blade for women

image credit

Inspiring Quote with Small Flowers

script quote tattoo on ribs for girls

image credit

Daring Script Tattoo on Head

top of head script tattoo design for men

image credit

Striking Quote with a Splash of Color

watercolor quote writing tattoo on forearm

image credit

Amazing Script Tattoo on Stomach

dan sinnes tattoo script

image credit

Gorgeous Memorial Tattoo

old english tattoo lettering for men

image credit

Striking Script Tattoo with Roses

script font wording with roses tattoo on chest

image credit

Lovely Song Lyrics Script Tattoo

custom script tattoo design on hand

image credit

Incredible Tattoo on Back

cursive script font tattoo design on back for men

image credit

Loving Script Tattoo on Wrist

i am because you are quote tattoo on arm

image credit

Couple Names Script Tattoo

calligraphy font name tattoos on forearm

image credit

Beautiful Arabic Calligraphy Tattoo

hand lettering script tattoo on wrist

image credit

Hope Script Tattoo with Paper Airplane

inspiring quote lettering tattoo design on inner arm

image credit

Caring Handwritten Small Script Tattoo

take care tattoo

image credit

Gorgeous Cursive Tattoo on Thigh

script font tattoo on thigh for females

image credit

Striking and Detailed Script Tattoo with Flying Owl

hate the sin not the sinner text with owl and colorful stars tattoo design on chest

image credit

Pretty Script Tattoo with Swirl Design

cute lettering tattoo on thigh

image credit

Beautiful Tattoo in Memory of Loved One

ohana tattoo designs for men

image credit

Artistic Maori Language “Stay Strong” Script Tattoo

stay strong typography font tattoo for men

image credit

Beautiful “Dream Chaser” Script Tattoo

Script Tattoo ideas for men

image credit

Simple and Beautiful Feminine Script Tattoo

motivating quote tattoo ideas for women

image credit

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