35+ Unique Infinity Tattoo Design Ideas for Men & Women

Every tattoo holds a definite and specific meaning. It is surely an inspiration from any culture, religion, a random thought or even sentiments. There are some tattoos which hold multiple and unique meanings and look incredibly great.

Same is one of the famous infinity tattoos whose concept is related to limitlessness and never-ending emotion. The unique infinity tattoos are ravishing and simply. The symbol is surely non-religious but still gained popularity in a short span.

It is an ultimate choice for girls, couples and even people who want to get exceptional inked body part. So scroll and browse the great collection of unique infinity tattoos.

Why choose unique infinity tattoos?

Infinity patterns hold strong and deep meaning no matter on which body part you ink them. Yes, infinity love, friendship or even hatred is boundless or limitless. It is an exceptional symbol with no end or beginning and lasts forever. It is definitely an ideal choice if you want to embrace infinite possibilities or limitations in life. 

Unique infinity tattoos are available in hundreds of patterns. Mostly couples or friends prefer to ink infinity intertwined hearts indicating never-ending love. It is indeed a great way to depict commitment and love towards two people who share philosophical values and deep thoughts.

Infinity tattoos symbolize reincarnation and deliver the meaning of rebirth especially in Buddhism and Hinduism. So are you ready to get inked with a unique pattern?

Be creative with infinity tattoo patterns

Yes, there are hundreds of patterns from which individuals can select. The unique pattern is a great body art embedded with hearts, love symbols, or can be paired with Aum, Cross, or Moon. Pet lover can add pet symbols such as paws, embellishments or words like dream, hope, and care for loved ones.

For a dramatic pattern, loop within a loop, some swirls, flare or vines will give an artistic look. Different colors or motivational quotes surely look cool.

Following are the best and unique infinity tattoos patterns from which you can select.           

Infinite heart and love tattoo

infinity butterfly and heart tattoo design pattern

image credit

Humming bird colored infinity pattern

colored infinity with hummingbird tattoo design for men

image credit

3D infinity tattoo

3d infinity tattoo design on forearm

image credit

Infinite charm for pet lover

watercolor heart infinity and pet paw print tattoo design

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Unique infinity tattoos for couples

image credits 1 2 3 4

Text based infinity patterns

image credits 1 2 3 4

Musical mystical patterns

image credits 1 2 3 4

Infinity Compass tattoo

image credits 1 2 3

Dream catcher infinity tattoo ideas

image credits 1 2 3 4 5 6

Loop within hooked pattern

image credits 1 2 3

Heart Infinity Tattoos

image credits 1 2 3

Celtic Infinity tattoos

image credits 1 2 3 4 5 6

Hope you have liked the best unique infinity tattoo designs which may vary in size and color according to your requirement. Don’t forget to share your reviews and ideas with us below in comments.


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