25 Simple Mehndi Designs 2019 for Beginners

One of the popular beauty accessories used by women in almost all parts of the world is henna. It is used to adore the hands and feet and even the arms. It is considered as a safe and convenient alternative to the painful tattoos. 

Due to the amazing designs and a number of alternatives it has become an important part of the culture. Women love to have the floral patterns, abstracts designs and a list of choices created on the hands and feet.

Mehndi can make you look great on every formal and informal celebration. From the religious festivities of the Eid ul Fitr to the celebrations of the wedding it is the part and parcel of every happy moment. The awesome color and the amazing fragrance is enough to bring smiles.

Being a natural product it is safer than many cosmetics in the shelf. Henna or mehndi is created with the leaves and stems of an herb that grows abundantly in the South Asian and the Middle Eastern region. The leaves are dried, crushed, and mixed with water to create a kind of paste that can be crafted into the several designs.

In many parts of the world where women or men do not want to face the pain of the tattoos, they use the henna or mehndi as a natural dye to create the temporary tattoo. They find it fun as after every some time they can have a new design anywhere on the body.

Mehndi designs can be really intricate and eye catching. From a single small flower to a whole bunch of beautiful flowers added with lines, shades, dots and geometrical patterns can be created out of the mehndi. These designs can be crafted with your own creativity or taken from some book or the online source.

The designs can be customized as per your individual choice. It is not easy to become an expert in applying the mehndi at once. It takes a great deal of time. Some beauty salons also offer training to learn putting on the mehndi.

There are so many ways in which a beginner can learn applying the mehndi. Initially they need to follow easy patterns. They have to use simple lines and dots to create the designs and then can gradually start following the complicated designs.

There are mehndi stencils also available to make the work easier. Many beginners find it better to create a design on their own. They believe that in this way they can learn easily and in no time.

There are so many ways for the beginners to develop the skill of applying the mehndi. Just like a child starts learning to write after altering the skill of creating different kinds of lines, the same happens in case of the mehndi.  The beginners need not follow too complicated designs. It is better to create simple designs.

If you are beginner looking for some easy to create designs then we have the right solution. You may try starting with the following easy to make designs below for 2019.

25 Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners

ring chain mehndi design on back hand
ring mehndi designs on hand
easy floral mehndi pattern on front hand
floral mehndi pattern
simple flower bunch henna design on back hand
flower bunch henna
Stylish Arabic mehndi design
simple floral vine mehndi design on hand
floral vine
simple bracelet and ring combo mehndi design
bracelet ring combo
easy flower and lines mehndi design
flower and lines
flower mehndi design on back hand for beginners
flower mehndi design
easy fingers mehndi design
Arabic mehndi design for fingers
simple and stylish henna design on back hand
tikki style henna design
flower with leaves henna design
floral henna design
simple henna design on front hand
abstract mehandi design
simple style mehandi design
spiral henna design
easy mehndi design on front hand
flower henna designs for spring
bracelet mehndi design
glamorous henna design on wrist
stylish bracelet and ring arabic mehndi design
Arabic Henna Art for girls
leaves henna design
easy henna design on hand
rose flowers bracelet and ring chain henna design
roses henna design for valentines day love
leaves henna design on feet
fern henna design
traditional henna design on foot
indian mehndi design
jhanjar style henna design on feet
curves and spirals henna
simple and easy flower mehndi dezign on back hand
sunflower henna design
peacock henna design on back hand
peacock mehndi design
simple stylish henna design on hand
lines mehndi design
simple mehndi designs on arm
cute simple henna design on wrist

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