40+ Delicate Wish Flower Tattoo Ideas

You may be wondering what is wish flower? The name does not sound familiar but dandelion is generally an amazing flower that represents freedom, innocence, and wishes. A dandelion is called as a wish flower symbolizing magic, the brevity of life, and joy. Wish flower tattoo looks very fashionable and holds a great appeal to almost everyone who wants to get inked. It was old times when the delicate beauty of dandelions was represented stand-alone but now the professionals prefer to represent it colorfully in a themed tattoo.

You have seen a small white flower with blow off seeds floating in amazement with the wind. It reminds people about brevity and delicacy of life. It also represents happiness and luck along with strength. The designs and patterns of dandelions are millions in numbers. The patterns and its placement as a tattoo is diversified by all tattoo professionals.  A wish flower as a tattoo does not hold any specific meaning. It may also represent tender nature, innocence, reflects the beauty and surely uniqueness. Thus, it embraces many different symbolic reasons to get inked because every wish flower tattoo holds a story. Following is the collection of wish flower tattoos that might amaze you or blow your mind because they surely give a pretty sight.

Blowing Dandelion Tattoo Ideas

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Dandelion Flower Tattoo On Shoulder

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Detailed Dandelion Flower Tattoo

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Wish flowers are famous not because of their reflection but it is famous due to its unique geometry and exceptional beauty.

Dandelion Flower Tattoo With Quote

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Yes, wish flowers represents hope but when inked with quote, it holds powerful meaning and encourages the person.

Dandelion Tattoo On Neck

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Wish flower on neck needs to be small and delicate. The intricate patterns symbolize innocence of the person.

Dandelion With Heart Tattoo

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Dandelions Tattoo On Wrist

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The tattoo on the wrist represents hope or it may represent childhood memories or dreams.

Two Tone Or Shaded Dandelion Tattoo

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Dandelion Birds Tattoo

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It is indeed an impressive pattern that can be inked on arms, shoulders or detailed tattoos can be drawn on back. It looks great and beautiful because when dandelions will turn into birds, it means one is trying hard to achieve their dreams or goals. It is definitely an inspiring pattern.

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo

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Aren’t these all tattoos are pretty? You might have noticed that women prefer to get inked with a wish flower tattoo. Hope all of the above-mentioned ideas might have helped you and found our article useful. Do not forget to do your homework before getting inked or while choosing a reliable tattoo artist. Enjoy tattooing!



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