20+ Elegant Stomach Tattoos For Females

In modern age, a lot of females are crazy to keep their stomach fit and have strong muscles. So, such females can allow themselves to show off their stomach curves through tattoos. Stomach tattoos are one of the most beautiful and most feminine which makes a women’s body appealing and attractive.

If you’re lying on a beach or in a park stomach tattoo is one of the best choice to maximize your beauty. Stomach tattoos look amazing on the stomach of females. They can be used as your own sign of elegance, luxury, charm, innocence and love.

Stomach tattoos is a piece of art to decorate your stomach with simple patterns it can be figures, words, tribal designs or so. Many females prefer artistic designs which carry a lot of meaning behind. Every pattern represents its own meaning such as butterflies are the cute and most feminine design and is preferred by most of the girls while few females get tattooed to represent their religious and spiritual beliefs.

Some females get creatures tattoo on their stomach in order to show their love for animals.Little calligraphy work tattoo also does wonders in creating a lovely new look of your stomach. Floral stomach tattoos are also one of the most inked option as it slightly give more feminine touch. Few females get tattooed on stomach in remembrance of someone.

So you can choose the design according to your thoughts. Many females prefer colorful stomach tattoo otherwise black and white tattoo piece is also simple and beautiful on its own.

Great tattoo is all about the correct placement of the tattoo. There are various positions you can consider while getting a tattoo on your stomach such as over the whole stomach, around belly button, side of the stomach, over abdomen, over stretch marks. Your tattooist will guide you best about correct placement according to the design you choose.

Nowadays, many female use stomach tattoos to cover up their stretch marks- post pregnancy. It is a unique way to hide or cover your stretch marks and flaunt like a sexy lady. With stomach tattoos you can even make your waist visually slimmer.

Stomach tattoo looks unique with various themes in it, so here are few ideas listed below in order to help you out.

Floral Stomach Tattoos

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Stretch Mark Stomach Tattoos

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Anchor Stomach Tattoo

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Tribal Stomach Tattoos

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Angel Stomach Tattoo

black and white angel tattoo on belly for females

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Cute Stomach Tattoos

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Bird Stomach Tattoo

owl tattoo on stomach for females

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Lower Stomach Tattoos

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Side Stomach Tattoos

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Belly Button Tattoos

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