Best Mint Nail Design Ideas for Summer 2019

The increase in nail arts designs for girls these days is highly noticeable. Girls of every age are very fond of growing out their nails and buffing them regularly to give them the perfect shape. This perfect shape allows them to try out the various nail art designs on their nails.

Long gone are those times in which if you felt like getting a cute nail art, you’d have to book an appointment at the nail salon. Thanks to the YouTube tutorials you can easily do you own nail art by watching a DIY video tutorial on it.

The nails which we will be talking about in this read are the mint color nails. Mint nails are so in trend these days that you will find a very high number of nail art dedicated to mint nails.

Just like every color represents a different feeling and adoration.
Mint green color brings a different kind attraction in almost every object that is found in this particular color be it a hand bag, or sandals or even a swim suit! Every woman admits to liking this color.

And same is the case with mint green nails. The good thing about mint green nails is that it looks fabulous on every hand no matter what the complexion of the skin is.

It looks great on white hands, it looks great of brown hands and it looks even greater on black hands. So you see how woman of every color feels right about mint green nails.

Mint Green Color and its Popularity

But have you ever wondered what is it about mint green that attracts a lot of audience? How this color affects our brain and we just generally feel inclined towards it?

Well, those who study the color psychology can help us by sharing their views on the take on mint green color. To start off, mint green color lies between the color spectrum of blue and green, both of these colors are the ultimate colors of balance and calmness.

And since mint green happens to be a combination of blue and green, it gives the color the best of both bringing freshness and lightness to those who view the color.

So without further delay let’s look into the best mint nail ideas that we bring you in this blog.

If wearing just the mint nail color alone is getting a little boring for you, you can turn that up by adding mint nail art to your manicure next time.

Mint Green Nail Art Designs for Your Nails

1. Mint Green Nails with Glitter

Adding glitter to your mint green nail ideas is an excellent way to show off your beautiful nails. As you’d know glitter never runs out of style. You can either try a colored glitter in contrast with mint green, or find a glitter mint green nail paint.

mint glitter nail design

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stiletto mint nail design with glitter

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summer mint nail design with glitter

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mint green and white nail design with glitter

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2. Mint Green Acrylic Nails

Another great way to express yourself and your moods is by wearing the mint green color in acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are more solid form of nail paint and much more rich in consistency. They may take their time to dry but once the nail paint is all done and dried up, it will last longer without chipping as compared to others.

mint acrylic nail design ideas for spring-summer

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mint acrylic green nail designs

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cute mint acrylic nail design

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matte acrylic mint nail design

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3. Mint Green Nail Designs

Some other ideas to try out the mint green nail color are water marble nail arts, metallic nail art, bejeweled mint green nail art and pastel mint green nail arts.

marble mint nail design

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mint green marble nail design

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mint nail art with rhinestones

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mint chrome nail art design

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chrome nail art

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mint nail design

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