Simple Classroom Christmas Decor Ideas

With winter around the corner, the Christmas hype is starting to come alive. Christmas is a religious festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is annually celebrated on 25th December worldwide among Christian community.

This year it will be more exciting for the students and teachers as they will be decorating their classrooms in different ways which would obviously make it more fun. Every year we see different and unique ways of decorating classroom and each year it gets more interesting and better.

Christmas Eve is incomplete without a Santa Claus and Christmas trees! Usually, an evergreen conifer or an artificial tree of similar appearance is decorated with Christmas ornaments. They’re decorated with gifts and colorful fairy lights. To make their decorations more thoughtful and innovative, students recycle stuff and transform it into eye-catching decor!

They make tree leaves with broomsticks and use newspaper to cover them and to give them a fine texture of a leaf. They use arid red sweaters and trousers and transform them into trendy Santa’s costume. Tons of tiny gold, red and green hangings will enhance the beauty of the area along with red, white, silver and green ribbons hanging from the walls and also on the sides along with the pretty hangings.

The background wall can be covered with cotton to give snowy look with a few handmade paper snowflakes with glittery borders. School can serve their visitors with hot chocolate cocoa and s’mores. They can also wrap hockey sticks and transform them into large candy canes.

A small fake electric fireplace can also be planted there for the Christmassy and wintery vibe. Students can decorate their entrance door with a beautiful wreath to create an impression on the visitors. Few scented candles can also be kept aside to keep the environment fresh. The candles will make them lightheaded and they will be able to forget about their worries and enjoy the event more.

Students can hang bells, as bells are the main source of signaling Santa’s Arrival and so when the people hear the sound of the bells they will get mesmerized and it will add to their rushed adrenaline resulting in more happiness. In some myths about Santa’s arrival that’s what is said to signal his arrival. And they can make a beautifully carved piece of Santa’s sleigh over flowing with gifts to win the heart of their visitors.

With an agenda to keep these decorations completely environmental friendly and plastic free, students can do their best to win the hearts of their fellows with their decorations.

Few ideas are listed below:

Santa Claus:

Christmas Trees:



Candy Cane:


Snowy background:

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