Alluring Eye Make Up Art by Svenja Schmitt

Eyes are the most attractive part of human body and women’s most alluring eyes can be worked out with eye make up art, make up art is most influnced with the passage of time and make-up artists are working hard to be in the lattest trends in fashion, Women are most crazy to see new techniques to make the eyes more beautiful with various combinations applied with eyelashes.

Svenja Schmitt is a popular German make up artist known online as PixieCold have been doing unique and creative techniques with eye art to make eyelashes more prominant and attractive, she has her own identity with the makeup art and is using different tools to get maximum results with these techniques. We have selected some of her eye art work which is most influential online for many. Svenja has used contact lenses, paint, acrylic, flowers, ladybird, stars, snails…. to make eyes more stunning with her artistic talent, we hope you will like her work and start doing things right for having fun time on various ocassions e.g., Halloween, Children Annual Functions, Birthday parties…Have Fun!

You Can See PixieCold Work At:

Deviant ART



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