20 Trendy Christmas Nail Designs & Festive Ideas

Christmas is just a few weeks away, the preparations are on its way, everything is going at its peak. Event planners are planning the best events, it is everyone’s time. The men, women and kids of all ages are ready to rock. This one night is the most awaited moment in the life of everyone. Every time the night comes closer the people plan to make it a unique celebration.

Apart from the costumes, parties and special foods you can add some more special colors to the Christmas night this year. Bring out the creative Christmas lover in you. Take out the best nail colors and paint your nails with your favorite Christmas themed nails . Transform them into a happy Santa, a cheerful reindeer, a funky tree or a yummy candy cane and enjoy this festive season.

Some trendy nail designs for the happy Christmas are as follows:

1. Candy Cane

candy cane nails

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Use the red, green, silver and white to make your nails look like the candy cane.

2. Santa Claus

santa claus nails

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Instead of waiting for the Santa the whole night bring it to life by painting the cute Santa on your nails.

3. Reindeer

reindeer nails

image credit

After the Santa, it is the reindeer whose bells bring life to the dark Christmas nights. Paint the cuddly reindeer to make the music keep ringing in your ears.

4. Christmas Tree

christmas tree nails

image credit

The glittery satisfying green of the Christmas trees can make your nails look full of life in the chilly Christmas nights.

5. Christmas Lights

christmas lights nails

image credit

Borrow some light from the Christmas night and paint them on your nails.

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweater nail art

image credit

The Christmas sweater might be ugly but it will warm up your emotions once it comes on the nails.

7. Christmas Glitter Nails

christmas glitter nail art

image credit

The glittering and shining nails will be fascinating for all your style-loving friends in the Christmas party.

8. Snowflakes

christmas snowflakes nail art

image credit

Once you paint the snowflakes on your nails you will feel the fluffy flakes brushing against your cheeks.

9. Holiday Snow Nail Art

christmas snowman in snow nail art

image credit

It is lucky to see snow on the Christmas night. It would be luckier if you have the snow painted on your nails.

10. Snowman with Snowflakes

christmas snowman with snowflakes nail design

image credit

It can be thrilling to see a snowman on the nails standing gracefully and gazing at you.

11. Christmas Tree Ornaments

christmas tree ornament nail design

image credit

Steal the colors of the Christmas tree ornaments and use them to make your nails look attractive.

12. Santa’s Hat French Manicure

christmas santa hat french manicure

image credit

These trendy and delicate Santa hats can look great on all hands.

13. Xmas Tree Mini

christmas glitter tree manicure

image credit

Take the arrow tip brushes and make the beautiful mini Christmas trees on your nails with precision.

14. Mistletoe Christmas Manicure

Green Mistletoe Christmas Manicure

image credit

It is creative and inspiring to make the mistletoe on your nails.

15. Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding Nail Manicure

image credit

Create the favorite pudding recipe dressed with the cherries all over on your nails this Christmas.

16. Holiday Season Plaid

christmas plaid nail designs with gems

image credit

Let the lines and shades say the story of the Christmas.

17. Wreath Nail Art

two christmas wreath nail art

image credit

Let the beads sparkle with twist around the shellac nails.

18. Elf Movie

elf movie inspired christmas nails

image credit

Elf lovers can feel the naughty elf jumping across their fingers by using the amazing colors.

19. Grinch Movie

grinch movie inspired christmas nails

image credit

He can dance, he can laugh and he can give you the most special moments this Christmas. Just draw him on your nails and feel the fun.

20. Christmas French Manicure with Bows

christmas french manicure with bows

image credit

Give your nails a great look with these French style nail paints consisting of the bows.


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