20+ Capricorn Tattoo Design Ideas for Men & Women

A Capricorn tattoo is very popular because of its lively nature. Capricorn is a symbol that represents the Sumerian God of water and wisdom. In the history, the name of this God is thought to be Enki. This God had the head of a mountain goat and the torso of a fish.

The sign mainly donates to a mountain goat with huge dramatic spirals. Most people associate it with the planet Saturn because of the spiral rings. It means a lot of different things to different people, therefore, the meaning varies from one person to another.

A Capricorn tattoo has a very special meaning. Capricorn tattoo is a symbol of robustness and adventure. Moreover, it signifies to be very peaceful and gentle. The meaning of the tattoo depends on the tattoo design and the location where you want it to be. Capricorns are considered to be very ambitious and they are always restless and very lively.

If you are proud of these traits and qualities then getting yourself a Capricorn tattoo is a great choice for you. These tattoos are ought to have deep meaning and they exhibit beauty and mystery. This is also the reason Capricorn tattoo are very popular among the tattoo lovers.

If you are not a great fan of having a mountain goat on your skin then you can also go for a zodiac glyph. This is a great idea for you if you are looking for something not too big yet sophisticated.

Having a Capricorn tattoo design on your wrist is a great idea if you are looking for something very subtle and adorable. This might be small but your tattoo design will surely be visible and it will look very unique.

Another idea is to tattoo it on your forceps. You can prefer this idea if you are looking for a big tattoo. You can also consider your biceps for this purpose.

Before you visit the tattoo studio talk to the tattoo artist and make sure you understand the procedure well. Also, share any skin allergies that you have with the artist so that you can avoid any complication that might occur. Here are some of the unique and the inspirational tattoo ideas that you can go for.

Zodiac Sign Goddess Tattoo Design                           

zodiac goat sign tattoo design on thigh

image credit

Realistic Zodiac Goat Tattoo Design

geometric zodiac sign goat tattoo design on chest for men

image credit

Bold Three-Eyed Goat Tattoo Neck

demonic goat eye tattoo design on neck and chest for women

image credit

Geometric Capricorn Symbol Tattoo Design

ram tattoo design on leg

image credit

Gothic Capricorn Sign Tattoo Design

geometric dotwork ram tattoo

image credit

Mystic Hollow-Eyed Capricorn Goat Tattoo Design

mystic full sleeve tattoo design ideas for men

image credit

Fierce Capricorn Star Tattoo Design Ideas with Flowers

capricorn tattoo design on upper sleeve

image credit

Fierce Capricorn Tattoo Ideas with Moon

hallow eye ram tattoo design on shoulder blade for men

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Capricorn Zodiac Glyph Tattoo Ideas                                   

small zodiac sign tattoo ideas on finger

image credit

Capricorn Mermaid Symbol tattoo Design

capricorn zodiac sign tattoo

image credit

Capricorn Skull Tattoo Design

goat skull finger tattoo

image credit

Female Capricorn Tattoo Design with Rose Flowers

zodiac sign capricorn tattoo design on back

image credit

Symmetrical Capricorn Tattoo

geometric capricorn tattoo symbol on forearm

image credit

Capricorn Dagger Tattoo Design

goat skull dagger tattoo design

image credit

Watercolor Goat tattoo

watercolor goat tattoo design on lower back

image credit

Mosaic Capricorn Tattoo Design

watercolor capricorn goat tattoo design on thigh for girls

image credit

Misty Capricorn Tattoo Design with Sun

three eyed goat tattoo design on thigh

image credit

Black Mysterious Goat Face Tattoo

black ram tattoo design

image credit

Neo Traditional Goat Frame Tattoo Design

neo traditional goat tattoo design on thigh

image credit

Neo Traditional Goat Tattoo

3d capricorn tattoo design on shoulder

image credit

Demonic Goat Skull Tattoo Design

demonic goat head tattoo design

image credit


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