25 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos On Neck

Butterflies are the most beautiful species flying in air, its transformation from caterpillar to becoming a butterfly gives feminine attraction of changing life that women love to adapt, women all around the world wants to look elegant and attractive at all time and butterfly tattoo is a symbol of feminine beauty with bright colors that women wants to show to entire world by having a gorgeous butterfly tattoo pattern sketched on their body parts.

No matter whether its your first tattoo, you should choose a design that can give you the most attractive look giving a meaning of remain young forever, so a butterfly tattoo is perfect for every girl who wants to remain young at any age. The charm of youth can be prolonged with a good luck that butterflies tattoo can bring to you.

Women are most interested in showcasing their beautiful parts of the body to others, so having a butterfly tattoo on neck is the most attractive presentation of your gorgeous skin and beauty. It is also easy to cover up your small tattoo on neck or shoulder with a big body tattoo design.

Having a butterfly as a symbol means having a freedom of spirit, the butterfly possesses qualities to fly freely and roam any place where it wants or can migrate from one place to another. Women who act as free spirit prefer to have a butterfly as a symbol on their body part.

We cannot deny that life cycle of a butterfly is strong and that is why women select this symbol as a tattoo. Butterflies go through many development stages and get more beautiful in every stage. So, the hardships which a butterfly have to face makes them stronger and livelier.

Most of the women wish that they symbolize the gracefulness of butterfly and they move from one life cycle to another. By facing various difficulties and trials, people do experience life cycle. Similarly, the butterfly has to go through. There are many different beautiful designs of butterfly tattoos on neck, which depicts various phases just as a woman has endured in her life.

Tiny Butterfly Neck Chain Tattoo


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Amazing 3D Butterfly Tattoo


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Cute and colorful butterfly tattoos on the side of neck


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Flying butterfly tattoo on Girl Neck

flying butterfly neck tattoo

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Hot Monarch Butterfly tattoo

big butterfly neck tattoo

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Beautiful butterfly tattoo

beautiful butterfly neck tattoo

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Black butterfly North American style


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3D beautiful butterfly tattoo design with name


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Amazing tattoo design on neck


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Black and bold butterfly chain

Butterflies on Neck Tattoo design

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Magical, inspired butterfly tattoo design


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Butterfly with amazing swirls

butterfly swirls neck tattoo

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Look pretty with girly butterfly pattern


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Rich colored butterfly on side neck

Back Neck Butterfly Tattoo

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Cute Tribal butterfly design

Small Butterfly Tattoo On Neck Back

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Beautiful colored simple butterfly

small colorful butterflies and stars neck tattoo

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Stunning and lovely butterfly

simple butterfly neck tattoo

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unique and gorgeous tattoo

realistic butterfly neck tattoo

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Small back ear colorful tattoo

colorful butterfly back ear neck tattoo

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Awesome abstract butterfly pattern

Neck Butterfly ink Tattoo

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Let me fly big butterfly

big butterfly tattoo sketch on back neck

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Black contour band butterfly tattoo

butterfly neck tattoo

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Watercolor amazing love butterfly

watercolor back neck spine butterfly tattoo

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Appealing cute magical butterfly tattoo

butterfly stars neck tattoo

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Incredible 3D butterfly pattern

3d butterfly patterns tattoo on back neck

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