20 Ancient Greek Hairstyles 2019 for Women

Greek women are known for their preferably blonde long and curly hair, which are sometimes plaited, sometimes with tresses draped over the shoulders.

Whereas after the defeat of Persia in 449 BC, oriental styles grew less popular, and women began pinning their hair in a knot or bun at the nape of the neck, sometimes with a band or a net wound around the head. Scarves and diadems were also available.

Every girl dreams to get beautiful, stylish and modern hairstyle. Many ancient cultures have an impact on beauty, style but the more highlighted and known is ancient Greek hairstyle.

Greek women originally dressed their hair with great simplicity. These ancient hairstyle comprise of various twisted, curly headed braids which are further enhanced by decorating them with ribbons, beads, pins or flowers.

Curling tongs are used to create curls or waves, a variety of different combs and hairbrushes are used to make braids, wire or some metal supports are used to hold hair, Hair pins are used to enhance hairstyles, Ribbons are used to elaborate ornamentation of hairstyles, also Precious jewels are thread into the hair these all are popular as hair accessories to create intricate Ancient Greek hairstyle.

The Greek hairstyle revolve around braid as many girls make water fall braid with Greek bun touch. Some prefer fish tail braid with Greek touch.

From professional hairstyle to wedding hairstyle ladies go for Greek hairstyle as they give you elegant yet stylish and modern look. Modern goddess floral buns which are ornamented by pieces of metals, precious pins are preferred by many girls on their weddings.

Nothing is old fashioned it’s just the matter how you manage to translate these ancient hairstyle into modern styling in 2019. Crown braids, braided head, messy bun with lock braid, water fall braid along Greek bun, curly locks, buns threaded with beads and pins are all the characteristic hairstyles of ancient Greek time period.

Greek hairstyles look great on women with blonde hair. Try out any of these hairstyles and look like a gorgeous Greek goddess. From easy stylish updos to divine braids!

1. Rope Braided Updo

hunger games inspired ancient greek hairstyle

image credit

2. Greek Braid Crown

ancient greek braided chignon hairstyle

image credit

3. Tribal Braids

egyptian braid hairstyles

image credit

4. Greek Goddess Bun

greek goddess bun hairstyles

image credit

5. Knitted Braid

image credit

6. Braided Turban Greek Hairstyle

greek fishtail hairstyle

image credit

7. Fancy Greek Goddess Hairstyle

ancient greek goddess hairstyles

image credit

8. Awesome Greek Prom Hairstyle

greek prom hairstyle

image credit

9. Trendy Greek Wedding Hairstyle

greek wedding hairstyle

image credit

10. Bun with Grecian Style for Women

greek bun hairstyle

image credit

11. Floral Messy Bun Along Headed Braid

greek floral braid hairstyle

image credit

12. Greek Wedding Hairstyles 2019

greek wedding hairstyles 2019

image credit

13. Greek Blonde Braid

greek blonde braid hairstyle

image credit

14. Modern Goddess Greek hairstyle

modern goddess greek hairstyle

image credit

15. Creative Greek Bun with Curls

greek bun with curls hairstyle

image credit

16. Simple Elegant Greek Hairstyle

elegant greek hairstyle

image credit

17. Modern Greek Goddess Hairstyle

greek goddess hairstyle

image credit

18. Mohawk with Headbands

greek mohawk style hair

image credit

19. Tangled Inspired Greek Hairstyle

tangled inspired greek wedding hairstyles

image credit

20. Greek Key Braid Bun

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