5 Great Photoshop Effects Tutorials to Create Amazing Posters

The art of creating posters is an exercise in creativity. Often it is the culmination of a blend of different effects that crafts the final vision – and as such it helps to be fluent in as many different Photoshop effects as possible.



To start out with, here are 5 great Photoshop effects tutorials that will each give you a special kind of effect to add to your arsenal:

  • Watercolor Brush Effect



Simple yet artistic effect that uses textures, brushes and filters to create a very interesting watercolor brush effect on top a photo. Can be used equally well in conjunction with other watercolor motifs or with geometric elements to create contrast.

  • Vintage Polaroid Effect



Mimic the style of vintage Polaroid photos using color adjustment filters and brushes to create an aged appearance. Excellent if used in a slightly ‘retro’ style of poster or to simply create a Polaroid collage.

  • Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper Effect



Learn how all it takes to create the stunning and famous Dark Knight Rises poster is a shape coupled with the right textures and lighting. The effect itself can be extremely useful on any poster, and its use can be adopted and varied as and how you see fit.

  • Retro Curves Effect



Add colored retro-looking curves into photos by using brushes, layer styles, filters and transformations. Although the tutorial deals specifically with curves the effect can actually be applied to any geometric shape and will help creating elements that can contrast or complement the design of a poster.

  • Old Newspaper and Watercolor Effect



An interesting effect that is practically a poster in its own right, it utilizes brushes, textures and filters to create a unique-looking watercolor artwork that looks as though it’s been painted on old newspaper clippings. Once again while the effect itself is stunning, the technique is something that can be varied and applied.

Hopefully these tutorials will not only help you to expand your skills when creating posters in Photoshop – but also give you some inspiration. Be sure to practice using them, and experiment with subtle variations when you do so that you can observe how the final result changes.


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