Magnificent and Expressive Self Portraits by Cristina Otera


Cristina Otera is a natural born artist with imagination and vision to be look like a more dominant talent for future to come, her age and experiments to create such expressive self portraits are witness of new style and trademark of what to come in the photography.

She has expressed all the aspects of life with her magnificent photography showing charms of young age and also visualized horrors in the world, we have selected some of her work to show you what an artist of as age of 16 years have filled the trends of new photography with all the optimal fears and happiness as she can. You can view her profile and work at the links below, Enjoy!

Cristina Otero Photography on Flickr

Cristina Otero Photography  on Facebook

Cristina Otero Photography  on Deviantart

Cristina Otero Photography  on Twitter



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