Innocent and Crazy Visualization of The Outer Child


The most cherish memories that can be a more important and sweet to every men are the moments of childhood, as there are so many imaginations that being a child were visualized by all but when grown-up, all the innocent wishes get shattered by the fact it was just a fairy tale, with the child still in us.

It is the way we face the realities of grownup life and do wish to be in the time of imagination and fairy life being grownups which is recaptured with the extraordinary theory by Cristian Girotto.

With his project titled “L’Enfant Exterieur”(The Outer Child), showing that ugliness of life with big-eyed winking with rampant expression of children that were adapted by men in the world. His examination begins with the classical shape-substance dichotomy that has the explanation of this survey, but in the end whatever the end results, it can’t be taken so seriously as Children are masters of Imagination!



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