Guys in Style: Winter Jackets of 2016

While winter is a sign of the upcoming holidays, family reunions, and joyous celebrations, the season also subjects everyone to the bitter, unforgiving cold. At this time of the year, it’s only too easy to grab any thick material in your wardrobe and happily wrap yourself with it. But you don’t need to sacrifice style just to keep yourself warm. You only have to dig a little deeper into your closet or do a little winter shopping to find thick winter pieces that are making a comeback this year. Among the current trending jacket styles in Asia and North America are:


The Parka

Parkas have existed since the early days of the indigenous Inuit tribes, and even though the style is old, parkas have aged pretty well. Originally, these jackets were made from caribou or seal skin. But today’s parkas have waterproof synthetic outer layer and duck down or warm synthetic fiber stuffing. You know you’re wearing a parka when the hood is lined with fur – the distinguishing feature of this piece. Plus, if you choose to go with shades that are gray and black, you can definitely match the parka with any outfit.

Waterproof Jackets

If you own a waterproof jacket, chances are you are already using it long before the start of winter. From its name alone, you can instantly tell that this piece will keep you warm and dry regardless of the season. And with major fashion industries coming up with their own styles, you will come across waterproof jackets that provide a distinct level of comfort. The Glacier Extreme Mens Long Waterproof Jacket by Mountain Warehouse is one example. On the outside, it may look like an ordinary jacket. But upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it has elements that make ita unique winter companion. Features like double storm flaps and rain channels prevent rain from penetrating the piece. Additionally, the jacket is lined with mesh, providing extra ventilation for the wearer.


Quilted Jackets

The quilted jacket is another versatile winter garment that you can add to this year’s winter getup. Despite its lightweight look, this jacket is more than enough to keep you warm. Its style is also flexible, as it can cater to wardrobes that are heavily influenced by streetwear fashion. Have a look at the B.INTL V Twin Box Quilted Jacketed Jacket by Barbour. Its combination of black outer color and red inner liner pays homage to the biker look. But instead of using leather, the material is made from 100% polyamide and 100% polyester. This jacket’s signature design is its diamond quilt pattern.


Padded Jackets

If you’ve come across jackets that make people look like the Michelin Man, then you’ve probably seen a padded jacket. Though its pillow-like design may not appeal to others, it’s the perfect apparel to wear in the cold. Padded jackets are made with lightweight materials like cotton, wool, nylon, and polyester, which insulate the wearer’s whole torso and arms. If you are not into the padded jacket’s notable design, why not give the Flight Jacket by Edwin a try? This particular style doesn’t show any sausage-like pattern, but it’s enough to keep its wearer completely warm in the winter months.


Of course, winter is also the best time to replenish your jacket collection and refresh your wardrobe. See more of the trending jacket styles that you can add to your closet by exploring the jackets on fashion-centric sites like

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