3 Tips to Frame Dramatic Photos

Capturing the essence of a dramatic scene can be tricky as photos are inanimate and don’t have the buildup of tension that may have made the scene dramatic in the first place. That being said it is possible to make photos look more dramatic by framing them in particular ways, and there these three tips will help out on that front:

Drastic Photos

Find diagonal lines that move away from each other

When you frame a photo that has multiple diagonal lines leading away from each other and out of the photo, it draws the eye in different directions creating dynamic tension. The wider the angles, the more tension (in general) – so you should try to crop and rotate your photo’s frame so that it maximizes the lines.

Frame expressions and reactions prominently

If some of the subjects in your photos are people, then one way to create dramatic tension is by capturing their expressions and reactions. The manner in which people are reacting to a particular scene can make it look dramatic, and framing them prominently (i.e. using the rule of thirds) will convey that.

Use contrast when framing a shot

Contrast is another method of portraying dramatic tension – not necessarily just between light and dark, but also size. By altering the angle and perspective when framing a shot it is possible to maximize the use of contrast, as is framing the shot to include elements that provide that contrast in the first place.

Photo Editing

Needless to say it helps to be able to edit your photos after you’ve shot them so that you can alter their frame and create dramatic tension. If you aren’t sure how to do so, you could try using Photo Editor to get started.

Not only is Photo Editor easy to use, but it will give you a range of tools that let you fully control the frame and orientation by cropping, rotating, flipping, leveling or resizing it. Additionally you could use it as a background picture editor, to apply special effects, insert captions, remove unwanted elements, and much more.

In a nutshell you will be able to edit your photo as and how you see fit with Photo Editors. All it takes is a bit of creativity on your part, and you should be able to create photos that truly capture the dramatic tension in any scene.


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