16 Blonde Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Hair is not about only looks it is a reflection of who you are. Feminine can change it so easily in ways that one can’t change any other part of our body.

The French language borrowed the term ‘ombre’ word whose meaning is shaded or shading. Ombre hair is two shaded color that gives the effect of light to dark. While leaving the roots darker and tips of lighter color.The contrast between the two tones should be so and lighter so it look well and give a complete finishing look.

One of the trendy blonde shade is strawberry blonde ombre it is perfect combination of golden blonde and copper red shades that gives feminine the beautiful hair color as this look act as spotlight for bold ladies. These two tones look stunning together.

An ombré hairstyle have varieties in color combination it comes in natural blonde, brown or red, or something unconventional like pink, blue, green or purple. If you have dark hair then go for transition from dark to ashy or icy light.

For girls with medium blonde ombre hair can add hot red or polished copper shade at the bottom or tips of hair which will look fantastic. Caramel blonde is still one of the most popular along with the touch of honey shade as it gives the natural and stunning look.

On the other hand girls with long dark brown hair can get blonde ombre conjugating it with pink or orange- brown shade which will give it edgy look. So if girls looking for something whimsical you got to try anyone of this color.

It’s versatile, customizable and suitable for most long and medium hair lengths but nowadays it’s trending on short hair lengths as well. Although hair artist recommend it on long hair due to large volume, surface and dimensions to show off your ombre.

According to hairstylist feminine straight ombre hair demonstrate the transition of color while adding curls to the bottom changes your overall look too. Furthermore combination of long and curly tips ombre hair will give you sensational look.

The traditional blonde ombre goes well on girls with straight hair while if ladies are choosing according to professional environment then get it done on medium length (up till shoulder) as it will be easy for them to style it on daily basis.

Feminine always want to try something creative which is adventurous enough so ombre hair is a good idea then go for it. But before initiation you must ensure your hair are in good condition and are healthy enough otherwise you’ll have to face alot of hair fall and damage to hair and color will also fade and will give dull look.

After you got this amazing style take a really good care of your hair by conditioning them properly and slay all day!

Trendy designs are listed below for your ease according to length. Enjoy!

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas

  • Light Brown. Brown to Blonde.
  • Striking Red. Short Platinum Blonde.
  • Natural Sun-Kissed Look. Grey.
  • Strawberry Blonde + Chocolate Brown.
  • Black + Silver. Dark Brown + Caramel.
  • Curly Natural Brown + Blonde. Black + Plum.
  • Dark Red + Blonde. Dark Brown + Blonde.

Girls with Short Length Hair

Silver Blonde Ombre Hair

silver blonde ombre short wavy hair

image credit

Caramel Blonde Ombre with Ashy Waves

caramel blonde ombre hair color with ashy waves

image credit

Platinum Blonde to Voilet Ombre

Platinum blonde to voilet ombre hair color ideas

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Women with Medium Length Hair

Adorable Blonde Ombre Hair

blonde ombre highlight hair color ideas

image credit

Red Blonde Ombre Highlights

red to blonde ombre hair highlights

image credit

Icy Blue Ombre Hair

icy blue highlights blonde ombre hair

image credit

Black-Blonde & Pink Ombre Shades

black-blonde-pink ombre highlights

image credit

Female Long Hair Color Ideas

Platinum Blonde Ombre Hair

platinum blonde ombre highlights

image credit

Rusty Red on Blonde Ombre

Red Blonde Ombre Hair Color Ideas

image credit

Black to Blonde Ombre Hair

blonde ombre hair dye ideas for black girls with curly hair

image credit

Ash Blonde Silver Ombre

Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre hair highlights

image credit

Blue Blonde Ombre Straight Hair

straight blue blonde hair highlights

image credit

Pastel Pink Blonde Ombre Hair

pastel pink ombre highlights

image credit

Luscious Pink Blonde Ombre Straight Hair

Blonde to Pink Ombre Highlights

image credit

Neon Blonde Ombre Hair for girls

rainbow hair highlights

image credit

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Strawberry blonde ombre

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