Don’t Expect Luck Just Let it Happen

It can really be surprising what a lucky day can bring you. You could be like the Weavers of Arkansas who went fishing and returned home as lottery winners. Twice. As Yahoo News reports, “Stephen and Terri Weaver were on a fishing trip when they stopped to buy the first ticket at T-Ricks convenience store in Pangburn, about 60 miles northeast of Little Rock. They stopped at the same store on their way home and bought another ticket.” The first ticket they bought made them $1million richer. The second ticket gave them an additional $50,000.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

The point being established is that luck can strike anywhere. You can have a streak of good tidings whether you’re just at home buying your own ticket over at, or even if you’re outdoors just enjoying a drink at a cafe while playing Candy Crush. For some, the luck can lead to even more blessings. For others, viral popularity can happen. Here are other situations where people just did the hard work and did not expect to have Lady Luck strike them:

Lucky Shot

In the world of photography, capturing the right moment takes patience and many times, a chance encounter. It won’t be often that you get a jaw-dropping shot, but when you do, you can’t help but be proud of it. Yes the luck may be necessary to capture amazing photographs, but it doesn’t solely depend on that. Having the eye to capture a moment, having the skill to frame the shot properly, and having the patience to wait, all contribute to being a great photographer., a variety site full of fun and funny content, features photographs of various subjects that were caught either by luck or extreme patience. Here’s a Buzzfeed article that features lucky animal shots.

Lucky Obama

Electronic music duo Daft Punk’s song Get Lucky is really becoming popular. Aside from being a chart topper, the song is spreading virally over the internet. However, it’s US Pres. Barack Obama’s Get Lucky version that’s becoming an internet hit. Well, it wasn’t actually Pres. Obama singing the song. It was really a YouTube user patching together different broadcasted speeches and interviews of the president to make it seem like he’s singing the song. Now because of the user’s “detailed” work, good luck struck him (or her), making the person’s account very popular with citizens.

Today Is My Lucky Day

Today is my Lucky Day

So how about you, what work have you done lately that lead you to a situation that made you feel lucky?


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